Psian Avilés-Quiñones

Psian Avilés-Quiñones joined the Sanar team in 2022 as a Multilingual Resiliency specialist. Social work is her calling and tapping into people’s and communities’ strengths is always her first goal.

Psian believes in the healing of marginalized people & breaking inter-generational cycles of trauma using trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, culturally sensitive techniques, and holistic practices. She has extensive experience working with various populations ranging from at-risk youth, LGBTQ+ individuals, First Nations people’s and survivors of trauma. Psian’s approach to healing is nurturing, empathetic and full of empowerment.

She is an alumna of Rutgers University and has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work with an emphasis in Trauma Response & Crisis Intervention.

One of Psian’s passions is working abroad cross-culturally, which led her to join the Peace Corps and serve in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 2018-2020. She enjoys dancing, coffee tasting, cooking nutritious meals, painting and has a goal of travelling to many UNESCO world heritage sites and natural wonders of the world.