Develop Your Team’s Resources for Trauma-Informed Wellness and Professional Development

Sanar’s Workplace Wellness program specializes in providing customized trauma-informed support to frontline professionals working alongside individuals who may experience trauma. We work with each organization to identify workplace wellness opportunities and develop streamlined solutions.

Engage Our Experts to Tackle Your Team’s Toughest Wellness Issues

Case Consultations

A space for staff members to discuss and develop plans to respond to traumatic content or situations.

Build Teams That Thrive When Encountering Workflow Challenges

Group Coaching

Staff come together in a small group setting for skill-building and capacity strengthening support.

Evaluate Your Agency’s Wellness Preparedness and Response

Organizational Assessments

A customized assessment to evaluate  work culture, policies and procedures using a trauma-informed lens.

Customize Your Team’s Professional Development Opportunities

Trainings and Workshops

Discussion-based sessions that aim to enhance knowledge and implementation of trauma-informed best practices.

Explore Individual Support Sessions

Sanar’s Workplace Wellness program provides one-on-one virtual support to staff members who may be experiencing vicarious trauma or other work / life balance challenges. Our Workplace Wellness individual support sessions include:

Individual Wellness Sessions

One-on-one virtual support including wellness planning and processing work / life balance challenges.

Leadership and Management Coaching

Individual (or group) coaching sessions aimed towards skill-building for organizational leaders.

Trauma Response Management Sessions

Sessions can be quickly accessed for time-sensitive support after exposure to traumatic stimuli.

Sanar’s Workplace Wellness Partners

Sanar has cultivated relationships with partners in both the for-profit and nonprofit spaces.