The Sanar Institute is an expert leader in the provision of customized training and coaching initiatives for frontline staff and organizations working with survivors of complex trauma to support organizational wellness and sustainable solutions. Sanar specializes in providing trauma-informed support to professionals who may be exposed to primary or vicarious trauma in addition to other work-related stressors. Sanar Institute experts work closely with organization leaders to identify challenges and develop uniquely tailored solutions.

This approach has led to the creation of Sanar’s Building Empowered, Sustainable, and Thriving (BEST) workplace program. The BEST program ensures organizations are equipped with the knowledge, tools and ability to customize, develop, and maintain strong workplaces that foster wellness, person-centered management that proactively reduces the impacts of vicarious trauma, and provides excellent trauma-informed client services.

We accomplish these goals through:

  • Organizational Wellness Assessments
  • Curricula Development
  • Organizational Wellness Sustainability Plans
  • Individual Wellness Sessions
  • Training Programs
  • Leadership and Front-line Staff Coaching Programs