Training & Education – Draft

Sanar’s Training and Education Program is home to a diverse portfolio of training and technical assistance projects that support the integration, enhancement and expansion of trauma-conscious and person-centered practices utilized by professionals, organizations and communities.

Explore Our Training and Education Services

Sanar’s Training and Education program uses a multi-faceted approach to cater to a spectrum of needs and goals. Whether you’re an organization seeking to enhance your toolkit on building person-centered best practices or striving to build a trauma-informed work culture, our initiatives are tailored to meet the individualized needs of each entity.

Build Capacity and Professional Development

Issue-Specific Training for Professional Development and Capacity Building

Explore the types of interpersonal violence and best practices to trauma-conscious service delivery.

Foster Learning and Application of Best Practices

Educational Programming to Support Trauma-Conscious and Person-Centered Approaches

A variety of learning opportunities including peer-to-peer sessions and self-paced and online learning engagement.

Engage Our Experts to Develop Customized Training and Workshops

Training and Workshops

Customized curriculum development to support trauma-conscious organizations and direct service stakeholders.

Educational Programming to Support Learning and Application of Trauma-Conscious and Person-Centered Practices

Training & Education 2024 Programmatic Goals

Each year the Sanar Institute engages in strategic planning to highlight and emphasize collective goals for each of our service areas. The Training and Education program will focus on the following goals for 2024:

Education and Development

Develop a trauma certificate program in collaboration with state partners

Identify healing pathways for trauma-conscious practices to address image-based abuse

Vicarious Trauma Training

Build resources to support stakeholders who experience vicarious trauma

Train the U.S. Department of State and the National Human Trafficking Hotline

Past Project Highlights

Project TRUST was a collaborative grant between the Sanar Institute, USCRI, and Brandeis University’s Institute for Economic and Racial Equity. Through this grant awarded via the U.S. Office of Victims of Crime, Sanar provided training and technical assistance to stakeholders serving survivors of human trafficking. 

The Sanar Institute served as the lead subject matter expert in developing a first of it’s kind online and self-paced trauma-informed curriculum for the anti-trafficking field in the United States. The Building and Integrating Trauma-Conscious Engagement curriculum, resources, and additional webinars can be found in Sanar’s training portal.