Wellness Center

Sanar’s Wellness Center Provides Specialized Trauma Healing Services for Individuals Who Have Been Impacted by Interpersonal Violence.

Receive customized individual or group therapy with a licensed mental health clinician catering to your unique needs.

Participate in guided learning opportunities on best practices to trauma response management and resilience

Address root issues of collective trauma experiences and identify resources and support for ongoing communal healing

Engage in therapeutic support with mental health professionals where survivor leaders can feel safe

To meet the unique needs of our clients, Sanar’s Wellness Center utilizes evidence-based and promising practices including:

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy empowers the individual in becoming an expert in their life story, focusing on the parts of themselves and their lives that are most important to them. 

Expressive Arts and Music Therapy

Creative Expressive Therapy such as arts and music, allow individuals in care to freely express themselves through various artistic mediums.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills

DBT includes mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress
tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Examples of DBT-based skills that may be practiced in a session include body scan, mindful breath work, grounding, self-soothing techniques, and identifying boundaries.

Somatic Experiencing Skills

Somatic experiencing focuses on releasing energy that is stored in the body from experiences of trauma.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Sanar develops individualized trauma-sensitive yoga series incorporating restorative poses that specifically address the symptoms each individual is experiencing.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Also known as EMDR, this is an integrative, psychotherapy treatment where the meaning of painful events is transformed on an emotional and intelligence level.

Movement-Based Therapy

Incorporates the connection of the body with the mind in the process of trauma healing. In addressing somatic impacts of trauma, the use of movement-based therapy integrates mindfulness practice, and builds body awareness.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on the emotional connection and relationship between the individual and the therapy animal (dogs, cats, horses, birds, or rabbits).

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Through mindfulness practices such as breathing exercises, individuals can begin to connect somatic symptoms of trauma to emotions, behaviors, and cognitive processes.

Internal Family Systems Therapy Skills

IFS is a psychotherapeutic modality that identifies the multiple parts of the self that may be associated with the traumatic event(s) that occurred. These skills are often used for individuals who have experienced complex trauma or addiction.