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Sanar is dedicated to healing the impact of trauma caused by interpersonal violence through cutting-edge, trauma-specific services, education and support.

Healing Trauma

Sanar’s services empower individuals that have experienced trauma to move beyond these experiences and build lives that are fully thriving.

Building Trauma-Conscious and Person-Centered Practices

Sanar’s Training and Education program delivers a diverse portfolio of training and technical assistance to support stakeholders in building and integrating trauma-conscious and person-centered practices in multiple interpersonal violence fields.

Fostering Sustainable Wellness at the Workplace

Sanar specializes in providing trauma-informed support to professionals who may be exposed to primary or vicarious trauma in addition to other work-related stressors.

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Wellness Center

Through individual therapy, lived experience support sessions, group support, and community healing workshops, Sanar’s team of clinicians walk side by side with clients to build safety, resiliency and hope.

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Training and Education

The Training and Education program provides diverse training and technical assistance for state, federal, Non-Profit and NGO stakeholders on trauma-conscious and person-centered care.

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Workplace Wellness

The Sanar Institute is an expert leader in the provision of customized training and coaching initiatives for frontline staff and organizations working with survivors of complex trauma to support organizational wellness and sustainable solutions.

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Individual therapeutic sessions

provided for individuals impacted by interpersonal violence


Employee wellness and vicarious trauma support sessions

provided for mission driven organizations and companies exposed to trauma in the workplace


Organizations and stakeholders

provided with training and technical assistance in the provision of trauma-conscious and person-centered care


Individuals provided with healing tool and toolkits

including essential oils, yoga mats, plants, workbooks, art supplies, other sensory-based healing sensory supports

Care Stories

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The services I’ve received from Sanar have been truly life changing for me, this is by far the most trauma-informed therapy I’ve had and it’s so empowering and healing to be treated like a whole human being and not just the sum of my trauma and mental illness.

Program Participant

Sanar me hace sentir una mejor persona y que si hay alguien que me puede amar. Y no hay nadie más que ellos que me conozcan. Me ayudan a volar.” - Translation “Sanar makes me feel like a better person and that there is someone who can love me. And there is no one but them who know me. They help me fly

Program Participant

I feel safe with Sanar

Program Participant

Thanks to Sanar I was able to reclaim my life after trauma. They haven’t just helped me heal they have helped me unlock my true self and flourish in society.

Program Participant

For the first time I entered a therapeutic space that could accept the horrific reality of what was done to me and how it would impact me every day for the rest of my life.

Program Participant

Sanar is incredible.

Program Participant

I have worked with several programs and most of them made me feel like nothing Sanar has helped empower me to speak up for myself and help others know they have a voice n it’s ok too use it

Program Participant

Very good help, the healing team is a community that helps people who have gone through trauma psychologically and mentally as well as myself and other young people who need help.

Program Participant

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