Set a Schedule and Clear Expectations

Working from home shouldn’t mean working all the time! Decide in advance what time your day will end. Communicate that schedule to your colleagues, family and/or roommates who are home with you so everyone is on the same page about your availability

Make Clear Separations Between Work and Home

Consider implementing an opening and closing ritual to clearly separate when you are working and when you are done for the day. Try lighting a candle when you start working and then blowing it out to symbolize the end of the day; or putting on a pair of shoes you normally wear to work, and then leaving them by the door at the end of the day!

Stay Hydrated and Take Movement Breaks

Don’t forget about your usual workplace breaks! Be sure to take time to hydrate and take movement breaks – stretching, walks, yoga, whatever feels comfortable and gives you time to check in with your body.

Reduce Your Stress Using Mindfulness Practice

Leaving our workday stress at work is hard when work is happening at home. Try incorporating mindfulness based stress reduction techniques to blow off steam in a healthy way. Try some deep belly breathing or aromatherapy at various times throughout the day or take a few moments to pause and meditate while listening to calming music.

Socializing is Important

Don’t let the whole day go by without interacting with other people! Socializing and communication is so important for our own personal wellness and for workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Check-in for quick chats with colleagues, family or friends to avoid the remote work blues. Managers – you can set the tone here! Consider creating a Gchat or Slack channel for quick non-work related conversations, mimicking the environment you’d see around an office water cooler.