Building and Integrating Trauma-Conscious Engagement

This self-paced, nine-module, 12–16 hour E-Learning curriculum builds trauma-conscious and person-centered practices within diverse stakeholders in the anti-trafficking field. In the course, you will find:

  • Handouts on theory, techniques to be shared with clients, and self-care tools
  • Links to online resources including videos, books, articles, and websites.
  • Case studies to help service providers think about trauma’s impact on individuals and how they receive services.
  • Tips on organizational structure for a more trauma-conscious organization.
  • Tools for trauma-conscious service delivery

Building and Integrating Trauma-Conscious Engagement Resources and Handouts

Handouts for Module 1.2: Neurobiology of Trauma

Fight, Flight, Freeze
An Overview of Traumatic Impact on Memory
Types of Memory

Handout for Module 1.4: Types of Trauma Part 2

Types of Trauma

Handout for Module 1.5: Trauma Responses

Trauma Responses

Handouts for Module 2.1: Healing Pathways

5 Domains of Post-Traumatic Growth
Building Person-Centered Practices through SAMHSA’s 6 Principles of Trauma-Informed Care

Handouts for Module 2.2: Person-Centered Engagement

Building Trauma-Conscious and Person-Centered Rapport with Clients

Handouts for Module 2.3: Tools and Skills for Trauma-Response Management

5-4-3-2-1 Strategy
Body Scan
Cool Down Handout
COPE Strategy
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
The Four Elements

Handouts for Module 2.4: Trauma-Conscious Programming

Butterfly Hug
Calming Yoga Series
Guide to Finding a Therapist
Mindfulness Scan
Shake-Out Dance

Handouts for Module 2.5: Vicarious Trauma

Emergency Self-Care Plan | Mi Plan de Autocuidado de Emergencia
Mini Self-Care Assessment
Self-Care Sustainability Plan


Enhancing Trauma-Informed Approaches: Building Trauma-Conscious and Person-Centered Practices in Anti-Trafficking Work

This webinar is scheduled for June 21

Best Practices in Supporting LGBTQ+ Individuals in Direct Services through a Trauma-Informed Lens

Integrating the Wisdom of Lived Experience in Delivering Trauma-Informed Services

Trauma-Informed Engagement in Legal Settings

Trauma-Informed Crisis Response & Safety Planning

Understanding & Mitigating Trauma Responses

Exploring Intersectionality in Human Trafficking & Domestic Violence through a Complex Trauma Lens